Radar Renegade - R7 & AT5


Omni United has unveiled two new tyres from its Radar Renegade line.

The Renegade A/T-5 All-Terrain tyre is the company’s new, completely redesigned 4×4 tyre. Building on extensive off-road motorsport experience in Baja style desert racing and several years of research, development and testing, the company says the A/T-5 will perform well in all types of environments including dirt, mud and snow, while maintaining a quiet ride.

The A/T-5 features Stone Ejector Technology, that helps prevent stones from lodging in the tread and drilling the casing. The tyre has a raised serration between the tread blocks that actively deforms when the tyre is rotating – opening, closing and then releasing as the tyre goes through the contact patch. This action helps to eject stones out of the tread pattern.

The AT-5’s state-of-the-art pattern is designed to give it a modern but aggressive look and it is an ideal choice for those who like to venture off the road but need a sure footed ride on-road as well.

A wide range of sizes means the AT-5 has most vehicle fitments covered.

“The Renegade A/T-5 is the pinnacle of the all-terrain SUV and Light Truck offerings from the Radar brand,” said GS Sareen, Founder and CEO, Omni United. “This is our offering for those off-road enthusiasts who are looking for a product that has an aggressive tread pattern and sidewall designed to deliver improved off-road traction, without sacrificing highway performance.”

Also now available from Omni United is the Renegade R7 Mud Terrain tyre.

Building on the success of the R5 range, the company says the R7 offers a more modern aggressive pattern for great off road performance and grip.

The R7 has an open shoulder design with alternate scalloped lugs to assist mud dispersion and promote self-cleaning.

The R7 also offers the innovative stone ejector technology that helps prevent stones from lodging in the tread and causing casing drilling, and the reinforced 3-ply sidewall construction delivers increased stability and puncture resistance, making the R7 ideal for the toughest terrain.

Despite its off-road design, the company says it still has exceptional on road manners and handling with added water siping for wet weather performance. Vehicle fitments include most modern SUVs and 4×4’s.

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