Mike Bou Truly Tests The Gladiator X-Comp

The creators of the Gladiator X-Comp tyres, API, recently sponsored Mike Bou to race at King of Hammers (KOH) last week. This race is considered one of toughest road races in the world, with more than 35,000 spectators and over 300 race teams. He was able to complete the race, riding on 40” Gladiator X-Comp tyres. See below what he thought about them. Mike Bou #54 Says: ” I was very excited to have the chance to trail test your latest X-Comp tyres. King of the Hammers, is known to be the toughest off-road 4×4 desert racing and rock crawling event in the world and if you don’t come prepared you can get eaten alive. With that said, you guys have hit a home run with the X-Comp 40″ tyres! I have raced on two separate brand name sticky tyres over the last few years of my racing career and the X-Comp out-performed both of them! Being a DOT tyre, they tracked great through the desert being able to accept any change in speed & terrain. The X-Comps had incredible traction to get me through the grueling rock canyons as well. I can only imagine how well they would do, for the general public, on the highways for everyday life.” Click here to view the entire X-Comp range.